THE VENDANGES 2020 TASTING PROFIL : Sunny vintage – Fleshy, sweetness and delicacy in mouth – To keep 10 years

BLENDING  2020 : 65 % Merlot & 35% Cabernet Franc

CULTURE: the vineyard is engaged in organic farming, certified QUALISUD FR-BIO-16

WINEMAKING: The date of grape harvest is defined according to the tasting of berries. The work in the cellar is modulated according to the quality of the grapes harvested, and piloted from day to day depending on the tasting. It consists all in all in the crushing, in pumping-over, and a special attention throughout the whole process.

AGEING : The wine is put into barrels in November and aged for 15 months before bottling. Barrels are French oak exclusively.