LES VENDANGES 2020 BLEND : Merlot & Cabernet Franc

THE VENDANGES 2020 TASTING PROFILE : exceptional vintage : quantity and quality – creamy texture, silky tannins, elegant acidic streak

GRAPES SELECTION FOR LES VENDANGES 2020 : we selected and harvested by hand 7500 vines with few yield produced by our plot at 5500 vines/ha.
• 3100 vines of Merlot Noir from « La Côte Rotie », a plot of vineyard with rocky clay exposed South
• 1000 vines of Merlot Noir from « Martindoit », a rocky clay plot with a North exposure
• 2400 vines of Merlot Noir from a plot of vineyard with a mix of limestone and clay exposed North
• 1000 vines of Cabernet Franc from a plot called « TerresForte » with heavy clays, limestone and gravel mix

PRODUCTION : 6 100 bottles – 375 magnums – 22 doble-magnums
WINE MAKING : the harvest date is defined according to the tasting of berries : September 16th, 2020 for the Merlot and September 24th , 2020 f or the Cabernet Franc.
The work in our cellar with gravity system is modulated according to the quality of the grapes harvested, and supervised from da y to day depending on the tasting. It
consists all in all in some unballastings, and a special attention throughout the whole process.
AGEING : the merlot is put into barrels in November and the cabernet franc in sandstone amphorae. It stays for 15 months before bottling.