In 2010, Yorick and Sophie Lavaud acquired the beautiful Domaine Les Carmels vineyard deep in the Bordeaux wine region that they cultivate using organic farming methods. They fell in love with the simple vineyard that is located on a knoll made up of multicolored clay, a deep calcareous bedrock and a gravel surface. The vineyard has thrived in this location for decades.

Yorick’s passion is in agronomy and more specifically in viticulture. He views the vineyard as an integrated part of the surrounding environment. Maintaining a rich and diverse ecosystem on the land is the foundation of his farming philosophy. The vines on Domaine Les Carmels are treated with herbal teas and compost made from plants found on the property. To continue to develop the biodiversity of the land, Yorick has planted an orchard with 50 different fruit trees and has established a large family vegetable garden. Yorick plans to expand the garden into a commercial operation in the future. The entire estate reflects Yorick’s agricultural engineering and love of nature.

Sophie manages the marketing and administration of the winery. She is passionate about wine and the complexity involved in its creation. As an active member of the Bordeaux viticulture community, she stays current on the latest trends in both the development and commercialization of the regional wines. Sophie and Yorick collaborate on all aspects of managing the vineyard and creating a world class wine.

In this lovely setting of Domaine Les Carmels, Sophie and Yorick have built their familial nest where they find happiness farming and running the estate together.

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